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  • Receive collaborative care
    Our team of doctors works with you to develop and deliver a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that’s right for you.
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  • Boeing employees who are enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health plan. Exception: Employees of Boeing subsidiaries that sponsor their own health plans, and international locally hired employees, are not eligible.
  • Dependents—spouses or domestic partners and dependent children—enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health plan.
  • Retirees and their dependents enrolled in a Boeing-sponsored health plan and not covered by Medicare.

They are best-in-class medical specialists selected by their clinical peers. Teladoc Health Medical Experts identifies the expert(s) best qualified to work on your case.

With Teladoc Health Expert Medical Opinion, you can get medical or psychiatric questions answered, a diagnosis double-checked, help deciding on a treatment plan or guidance about a surgery. Expert Medical Opinion is also available to find an expert who specializes in treating your condition. If you need to consolidate all your medical records and history on one device, Expert Medical Opinion is here to help. Use Expert Medical Opinion when you and your eligible dependents need:

  • Another opinion on a medical or psychiatric diagnosis or treatment plan
  • Help deciding if a surgery is the right path
  • Specific medical questions answered
  • A list of local, in-person specialists
  • Clarity on treatment options to make confident medical decisions
  • Guidance on a mental health condition or treatment that isn’t improving

Teladoc Health also provides you and your eligible dependents with gender-affirming access to care and support, as well as advocacy for everyday preventive care and mental health care through the Teladoc Health Transgender and Intersex Advocacy Program (TIMAP). Use TIMAP when you and your eligible dependents need:

  • To speak with a dedicated gender-affirming physician who understands the nuances of gender care and can assist with embodiment goals
  • Answers to questions and help to coordinate care across doctors
  • Help to understand a medical or psychiatric diagnosis, treatment options and guidance on how to navigate barriers to recovery and preventive healthcare

It depends on the complexity of the case and how quickly your physician responds to the request for medical records. It could take 2 to 8 weeks.

No. The information provided is intended to help you and your physician make informed decisions regarding your treatment.

After discussing their findings with you, Teladoc Health Medical Experts will share the report with your treating physician if you authorize it. The goal is to provide useful, actionable information so you and your physician can make more-informed decisions together regarding treatment.

The Teladoc Health Medical Experts analytic process is not an option in such cases. They may, however, be able to provide you with questions to ask before you proceed with treatment. Once your condition is stabilized, Teladoc Health Medical Experts can evaluate your case for future treatment options.

At your request, Teladoc Health Medical Experts can release your report to the appropriate individuals involved with your care (for example, a health plan case manager).

Reporting of information adheres to strict Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy laws. Your name and specific medical information will not be shared with anyone—including Boeing—without your written consent. Only de-identified and aggregate information will be used for program evaluation and improvement purposes.

No. Boeing funds the program. Charges for additional tests or other services that you receive as a result of a Teladoc Health Medical Experts recommendation are paid according to the provisions of your health plan.