Behavioral Health Services

Improving clinical outcomes for behavioral healthcare

Expert evaluation, care, and navigation of mental health

When 16 million Americans live with major depression1, it’s imperative members get the care and treatment they need. Teladoc offers an integrated care model where members can navigate and manage a mental health issue from all aspects of care and levels of complexity, providing:

  • Expert second opinion on their diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Guidance through the system with an action plan for next steps
  • Quick access to treatment from qualified, licensed practitioners
1. The National Institute of Mental Health

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Best Doctors, part of Teladoc, offers an in-depth review of an existing mental health diagnosis and treatment. It’s completed virtually so members never have to leave the comfort of their own home.

Clinical Quality

All of our clinicians are licensed in the U.S. to provide behavioral healthcare. Teladoc ensures seamless clinical integration between the primary care physician, Behavioral Health Navigator, and mental health providers.

Teladoc was the first telehealth company to receive NCQA certification.

Valuable care. Meaningful outcomes.

  • Confirmed or corrected diagnosis and treatment recommendations via an Action Plan
  • Navigation support through complex, disjointed behavioral health system
  • Multidisciplinary, collaborative care driving the best clinical outcomes
  • Increased engagement due to safe delivery environment of non-stigmatized, trusted advice and recommendations
  • Quicker access to mental health professionals, particularly in remote areas; average provider response time to a visit request is typically fewer than 8 hours
  • Manage costs associated with comorbidities, absenteeism, increased disability claims & decreased productivity
  • Consultation with primary care doctor to better support psychiatric symptoms

Proven Results

Change in diagnosis*


Change in treatment*


Change in medication*


DASS scores symptom reduction*:

-32% Depression

-31% Anxiety

-20% Stress


Members with depression showed improvement in symptoms in two visits


Members with anxiety showed improvement in symptoms in two visits

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