Expert Medical Opinion

Providing medical clarity, improving health outcomes, and reducing costs

Expert evaluation of complex cases

When a large portion of healthcare costs are wasted, an expert recommendation on a diagnosis and treatment will allow members to make informed decisions that can result in better health and financial outcomes.

Best Doctors Expert Medical Opinion service enables members who have complex, costly medical conditions to receive an expert evaluation of their diagnosis and treatment plan.

In times of medical uncertainty, our expert recommendations provide members with clarity and peace of mind.

Top medical experts

By creating access to more than 50,000 world-renowned physicians covering more than 450 specialties and subspecialties, our service helps resolve medical uncertainty.

Our physicians are required to go through credentialing annually to remain relevant and up to Best Doctors standards.

The clinical team that directs member case reviews is involved in each step of the process. Cases are led by a top physician from an esteemed academic medical institution as well as a registered nurse from a large teaching hospital. Our high-quality, thorough process is what makes our service so successful and the results so valuable.


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Medical Specialty



Prinzmetal angina, Kawasaki disease, Broken heart syndrome, CHARGE syndrome

How it Works

1. Initiation

Member contacts Best Doctors via web, app, or phone.

2. Intake

A Member Advocate, a registered nurse, conducts a thorough intake with the member and begins the process of medical records collection. The medical information is used to create a comprehensive clinical summary.

3. Review

Using cutting-edge research and best practices, a peer-recognized expert provides diagnostic and treatment guidance based on the member's best health outcome.

4. Results

We build an in-depth report outlining diagnostic status, treatment recommendations, and evidence to support the guidance, with a follow-up from the Member Advocate. Information can be shared with the member's treating physician, if desired.

Expert Medical Opinion Results

Diagnoses modified


Surgical avoidance


Treatments modified


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"Best Doctors Expert Medical Opinion was incredible—they were very supportive, responsive, and timely. Best Doctors saved my life."


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