Tobacco Cessation gives members a proven plan to quit. And quit for good!

Teladoc’s Tobacco Cessation service is a unique, multi-faceted program that helps members quit using physician treatment, nurse coaching, and timely tobacco cessation content. We leverage the member’s impulse to quit with timely communications.

What’s in it for me?

  • Save money. Tobacco use and related illnesses cost employers $97B in lost productivity annually. Give your members a convenient and effective way to quit for good.
  • See results. Only 6% of people who try to quit succeed after a year. Teladoc reaches out to the member to give them the accountability they need to see the program through to the end.
  • Utilization. An online catalog of marketing materials are available to help communicate the benefits to your members.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Member enrolls

During a consult, the physician will provide a treatment plan and enroll him/her in ongoing support.

Step 2:

The member receives program information, a support hotline number and a certified nurse.

Step 3:

The nurse will reach out to the member at periodic intervals to ensure goals are being met and to set new goals.