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These are the most common questions we get asked.

Who can use this service?
As a caregiver, this program is available to you as well as the person you care for, such as a parent or spouse.

How do I become a caregiver?
Simply open your Teladoc account and add your loved one to the account. If you have legal documents authorizing you to act on their behalf, upload the documentation for our Legal department to review. (The review takes approximately two business days.) If legal documents aren’t available, we can send an email to your loved one to obtain their authorization during the registration of your account.

As a caregiver, what types of visits can I schedule for my loved one?
Caregivers can speak with a Teladoc doctor in two-way and three-way visits by phone, video or online for non-emergency health issues 24/7/365.*
*Service not available in Arkansas; video only in Idaho

Do I talk to a real doctor?
Yes; you’ll speak with board-certified doctor living in the United States. When you request a consult, Teladoc will connect you with a doctor licensed in your state.

Can I request a particular doctor?
We cannot honor requests for a specific doctor. But rest assured, the doctor you speak with has gone through our stringent vetting process and is dedicated to providing exceptional care.

What is a multi-party visit?
This is a visit that allows both the caregiver and loved one to be on a three-way phone or on video visit with the Teladoc doctor.

If we are in different locations what type of visit options can I request?
Because of the need to link three parties to one call (caregiver, family member and doctor), we do ask that these calls be scheduled for both phone or video visits.

Are both the caregiver and their loved one required to be present during the visit with the Teladoc provider?
No. As long as one of the parties is present, the visit will be conducted by the Teladoc doctor.

Can I get a prescription?
We cannot guarantee that a prescription will be provided; the doctor will make their determination during your visit. For complete details about prescriptions, click here.

If Teladoc recommends I see my primary care physician, do I still have to pay the visit fee?

Can I share my visit information with my Primary Care Physician (PCP)?
Yes. Teladoc offers an Electronic Health Record that can be requested and sent to your PCP of choice.

Who will be billed for the visit?
Billing information is collected during the visit request process to ensure the correct party is billed.

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