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“These kids need love, support, understanding and dependability,” says Dr. Laura Hershorin, pictured above. Dr. Hershorin is a mom to a recent high-school grad and a Teladoc board-certified family physician with over 25 years of experience. After a year that was like no other, kids…


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on people across the globe. If you are like women everywhere, you may have been feeling increased stress since the pandemic started. Between our families, jobs and personal lives, women are juggling more responsibilities than ever. At a…

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Did you know that more than 71 percent of U.S. healthcare providers now offer some level of telehealth through organizations such as Teladoc?1 Even though technical advances started even before NASA began monitoring astronauts’ health remotely in the 1950s, the industry has grown so much…