Prior to your visit your chosen primary care provider will review the information provided through the Primary360 Assessment. During the visit expect to spend about 45 minutes with your chosen primary care provider where they will check your blood pressure (recorded from the blood pressure cuff that will be sent to you), assess your body mass index by reviewing your height and weight, and have an in-depth discussion about your personal and family medical history to make sure you are in good health. Video visits are preferred, and you will also have the ability to upload images of anything you’d like the doctor to specifically look at. Your primary care provider may order labs, radiology, or a referral to a specialist as clinically appropriate, and your dedicated Care Team will work with you to find an in-network lab or specialist that meets your preferences and is conveniently located. Results will be reviewed with you by your provider, incorporated into your care plan, and uploaded to your Teladoc account. After your visit, your primary care provider and Care Team will create a personalized care plan that will always be accessible through your Teladoc account.