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A look ahead: Healthcare predictions for 2019

As the current healthcare system struggles to keep up with consumer expectations, more employers are turning to virtual care as the answer. In this webinar, Nita Stella, Vice President of Product…

2019 Predictions

At Teladoc Health, we’re continually modernizing how people access and experience healthcare. Learn more about our predictions for the future of virtual care.

Client testimonial: Why consider virtual care?

“Consumerism is going to have to change in the healthcare world,” said Barbara Babbs, Employee Benefits Director of Air Medical Group Holdings. With rising costs and issues with quality care…

Teladoc Health Assistant

We use augmented intelligence to create the best member experience. While the health assistant can’t diagnose members, it can easily guide them to the service that will best resolve their medical…

Creating better behavioral healthcare outcomes

The global statistics show a significant need for accessible, quality care. And Teladoc Health’s solutions are breaking mental health barriers to change the story with: Access to 2,500 licensed therapists,…