Clinical Specialty

General Medical Services

General Medical provides convenient care at a lower cost by enabling members to have a visit with a U.S. board-certified doctor via phone or video.

Behavioral Health Care Services

Give your members convenient mental healthcare with Behavioral Health Care. Members can discreetly speak with board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, or licensed therapists by phone or video from wherever they feel…

Behavioral Health Navigator

Each member’s mental health journey is unique. Find out how you can provide personalized support to help your members find and stay on the right path with Behavioral Health Navigator.

Integrated Behavioral Health Care Solution Overview

Teladoc Health is removing the barriers to better mental health by integrating our two behavioral health services. We make it easy for members to discreetly select and build ongoing relationships…

Combating Canadian wait times with telemedicine

While the quality of Canadian healthcare is widely regarded as amongst the best in the world, accessing care in a timely manner is a challenge. In a recent survey, 57%…

Client Success Story: Lowe’s Home Improvement

Employers are increasingly adopting virtual care solutions to deliver better and more affordable healthcare to their employees, but they are facing challenges promoting the new benefits. Teladoc Health and Accolade…

Global Care Services

Leaving the U.S. shouldn’t mean leaving behind access to quality healthcare. Now, with Global Care, members have the assurance that they are covered no matter where they go. With the…

Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services gives members convenient access to quality healthcare when and where they need it. By giving members access to board-certified doctors on demand by phone or video, they have…

Creating better behavioral healthcare outcomes

The global statistics show a significant need for accessible, quality care. And Teladoc Health’s solutions are breaking mental health barriers to change the story with: Access to 2,500 licensed therapists,…

Member Testimonial: Shane

Watch Shane’s story and find out why taking advantage of virtual care to seek quality healthcare advice made all the difference to his health.

Member Testimonial: Beatrice

Learn how Mental Health Navigator provided Beatrice with virtual access to leading psychologists and psychiatrists to overcome her mental health issues and improve her quality of life.