Clinical Specialty

Teladoc Health Back Care

Back Care is a low-cost, personalized, exercise-based treatment plan coupled with certified health coach consultations for monitoring and support. Back Care programming is provided through a partnership with Telespine, an online health…

Creating better behavioral healthcare outcomes

The global statistics show a significant need for accessible, quality care. And Teladoc Health’s solutions are breaking mental health barriers to change the story with: Access to 2,500 licensed therapists,…

Transforming how people access healthcare around the world

Teladoc Health is the global virtual care leader. We are accelerating the adoption of virtual care, making high-quality healthcare a reality for more people and organizations around the world. Working…

Teladoc Health Behavioral Health Solutions

Teladoc Health Behavioral Health Solutions provide treatment for mental health issues and advice on an existing diagnosis and treatment plan.

Teladoc Health Expert Medical Services

Our Expert Medical Services enable members who have complex, costly medical conditions to receive an expert evaluation of their diagnosis and treatment plan. Expert medical advice can make all the difference…

Teladoc Health General Medical Services

Teladoc Health General Medical Services provide convenient care at a lower cost by enabling members to have an on-demand or scheduled visit with a U.S. board-certified doctor via phone or…

4 Insights into Employers and Telehealth

When it comes to utilization… 90% of Teladoc clients monitor utilization 2X the industry average Digital channels, direct mail & word of mouth skew as the 3 most effective communication…

Healthcare Transformation in Action

Discover how Teladoc is transforming the healthcare landscape by providing a better healthcare experience! Download Now

Teladoc Tobacco Cessation

Teladoc’s Tobacco Cessation service is a unique, multi-faceted program that helps members quit using physician treatment, nurse coaching, and timely tobacco cessation content. We leverage the member’s impulse to quit…

Top Companies Choose Teladoc

See how half of the ‘Top 25 Fortune Best Companies To Work For’ choose Teladoc.

Who Uses Teladoc?

Learn more about the scale and scope of organizations using Teladoc.

Top 5 Reasons Teladoc Can Guarantee 5 Utilization

While industry utilization rates are stuck in the two to three percent range, many companies are seeing double-digit usage. What are these companies doing differently? The simple answer is that…