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Mental Health Navigator Testimonial

Learn how Mental Health Navigator provided Beatrice with virtual access to leading psychologists and psychiatrists to overcome her mental health issues and improve her quality of life.

10 key differentiators that set us apart

Not all virtual care programs are created equal, so how do organizations know they are getting the best value and clinical expertise? Teladoc Health’s unrivaled solutions tackle the most relevant…

Telehealth testimonial: Laura

As a working mom with four kids, having access to Teladoc anytime is a gamechanger for Laura. She can get care for her, her kids, or her husband, anytime, anywhere,…

2019 Predictions

At Teladoc Health, we’re continually modernizing how people access and experience healthcare. Learn more about our predictions for the future of virtual care.

2018 Predictions for Virtual Healthcare

Teladoc is optimistic about the advancement of virtual healthcare delivery that serves the broadest array of healthcare needs. Read our eight predictions for 2018.

The State of Consumer Telehealth

This e-book presents findings from Teladoc’s 2016 consumer telehealth survey, which assessed hospitals’ and health systems’ stage of development and future plans for consumer telehealth across seven categories. Along with…