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Member Testimonial: Shane

Watch Shane’s story and find out why taking advantage of virtual care to seek quality healthcare advice made all the difference to his health.

Member testimonial: Laura

As a working mom with four kids, having access to Teladoc anytime is a gamechanger for Laura. She can get care for her, her kids, or her husband, anytime, anywhere,…

Client Success Story: Why consider virtual care?

“Consumerism is going to have to change in the healthcare world,” said Barbara Babbs, Employee Benefits Director of Air Medical Group Holdings. With rising costs and issues with quality care…

Teladoc Health Assistant

Teladoc Health uses augmented intelligence to create the best member experience. The Teladoc Health Assistant easily guides members to the service that will best resolve their medical needs.

Member Testimonial: Sasha

Despite being diagnosed and treated for Crohn’s disease, 13-year-old Sasha’s symptoms were still getting in the way of her doing what she loved, like playing sports. With an Expert Medical…

Teladoc Healths’ telehealth member journey

Get expert care from board-certified doctors 24/7 for many common illnesses, including colds, the flu, and strep. Whether members are at home, work or on the road, we’ll help them…