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Virtual care takes center stage for health plans

The 2019 AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) Virtual Care Survey of Health Plans, sponsored by Teladoc Health under AHIP’s Sponsored Research Program, revealed that health plans view virtual care is…

2019 Health System Consumer Telehealth Benchmark Survey

Teladoc Health shares insights on virtual care adoption and trends among leading health systems in the 2019 Health System Consumer Telehealth Benchmark Survey. The study aggregates feedback garnered from leading…

Combating Canadian wait times with telemedicine

While the quality of Canadian healthcare is widely regarded as amongst the best in the world, accessing care in a timely manner is a challenge. In a recent survey, 57%…

Virtual care for Medicare Advantage

With a landmark regulatory shift that expands reimbursement for virtual care services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has opened the door for the advancement of differentiated offerings…

Member Testimonial: Beatrice

Learn how Mental Health Navigator provided Beatrice with virtual access to leading psychologists and psychiatrists to overcome her mental health issues and improve her quality of life.

2019 Predictions

At Teladoc Health, we’re continually modernizing how people access and experience healthcare. Learn more about our predictions for the future of virtual care.