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Teladoc Health Behavioral Health Care Solution

Give your members convenient mental healthcare with Behavioral Health Navigator. Members can discreetly speak with board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, or licensed therapists by phone or video from wherever they feel…

Teladoc Health Behavioral Health Navigator Solution

Each member’s mental health journey is unique. Find out how you can provide personalized support to help your members find and stay on the right path with Behavioral Health Navigator.

Teladoc Health Integrated Behavioral Health Solution

Teladoc Health is removing the barriers to better mental health by integrating our two behavioral health services. We make it easy for members to discreetly select and build ongoing relationships…

A Look Ahead: Healthcare Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Where is the future of healthcare delivery headed in this boom of technological innovation? Industry veteran Nita Stella, Teladoc Health’s VP of Product Strategy, offers insights on Teladoc Health’s predictions…

Creating better behavioral healthcare outcomes

The global statistics show a significant need for accessible, quality care. And Teladoc Health’s solutions are breaking mental health barriers to change the story with: Access to 2,500 licensed therapists,…

Mental Health Navigator Testimonial

Learn how Mental Health Navigator provided Beatrice with virtual access to leading psychologists and psychiatrists to overcome her mental health issues and improve her quality of life.

The impact of technology on healthcare access and costs

In this webinar, Dan Trencher, SVP of Product & Corporate Strategy at Teladoc, talks about the importance of technological innovations to foster the key components of a comprehensive virtual care solution:…

How Virtual Care Delivery is Changing Behavioral Healthcare

Tune into Teladoc’s webinar, How Virtual Care Delivery is Changing Behavioral Healthcare with Dr. Monika Roots to learn how a virtual care delivery program with behavioral healthcare treatment can improve the quality of life…

Health Plans Deliver Value with Virtual Care

Presented by Teladoc, through AHIP. Today, comprehensive virtual care delivery, powered by data and analytics, addresses the full-spectrum of health care concerns, from everyday ailments to the most complex and…

Healthcare Transformation in Action

Discover how Teladoc is transforming the healthcare landscape by providing a better healthcare experience! Download Now