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Lockton and Teladoc have a shared goal of changing the way healthcare is delivered. To continue bringing telehealth into the mainstream, we have curated our Knowledge Center to feature the resources that are most valuable and relevant to Lockton consultants. We will update this content on a quarterly basis to ensure our topics remain timely.

Learn how Teladoc’s virtual care delivery solutions transform the consumer experience – empowering employees with a better way to access quality, affordable care on their terms.


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A New Paradigm for Virtual Healthcare Delivery



Transforming the Healthcare Experience


Teladoc + Best Doctors: Our Vision for Virtual Healthcare Delivery


Teladoc Behavioral Health for Consumers


Teladoc Products and Partnership Update


Engaging Employees in Telehealth

Case Study

See how T-Mobile saved nearly $4 million in just 12 months by offering their employees telehealth as a healthcare benefit

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