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Pilot Flying J saved $1,367,000 in 12 months with Teladoc.

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Infographic: Telehealth by the numbers

See how Teladoc is driving the adoption of telehealth in record numbers (visits, utilization, engagement)

e-Book: The State of Consumer Telehealth

Overview This e-book presents findings from Teladoc’s 2016 consumer telehealth survey, which assessed hospitals’ and health systems’ stage of development and future plans for consumer telehealth across seven categories. Along with the data, each subsection offers analysis on how hospital and health system leaders currently use the technology and how they can better incorporate it […]

2016 Consumer Telehealth Survey Results

Overview Teladoc in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare conducted a benchmark survey to gain insight from U.S. hospital and health system executives on the current consumer telehealth landscape. The survey captured responses from 179 health care executives and other key telehealth stakeholders on their consumer telehealth goals, length of program, challenges, populations served, staffing structure, marketing […]

Case Study: Alvin School District

Overview Alvin ISD is a suburban school district near Houston with more than 2,800 employees who serve the educational needs of 22,000 students in 25 schools. In 2015, it received a “Met Standard” designation in the state of Texas’s current accountability system. Communication strategy The district communicates the program during open enrollment and new hire […]

Case Study: Airline

Overview This company operates scheduled and charter flights, serving leisure travelers seeking a warmer climate. How they saved with Teladoc 1,746 visits $894,250 total savings * Based on Teladoc reporting. Individual results may vary.

Webinar: 2016 Hospital Executive Survey: Perspectives on Consumer Telehealth

In this webinar, Dr. Alan Roga, President Provider Market, Teladoc reviews Teladoc’s 2016 Consumer Telehealth Survey Findings conducted through 179 health care executives and other key consumer telehealth stakeholders from for-profit and non-profit organizations representing acute care, academic and community hospitals in both single state and multi-state systems.

Impact of Teladoc Use on Resource Utilization and Health Spending for Rent-A-Center Beneficiaries

When comparing individuals who used Teladoc with similar individuals who received care in other settings for the same condition, spending was substantially lower for Teladoc users. The cost differences were particularly large when comparing Teladoc to care provided in an ER (i.e., $1,647 per episode of care). Overall episode-based spending was $754 lower for Rent-A-Center […]

Impact of Teladoc Use on Average Per Beneficiary Per Month Resource Utilization and Health Spending

The introduction of Teladoc for the nation’s largest home improvement retailer was associated with a significant reduction in the trend (slope) in average per member per month spending and a non-significant immediate change in its level. When expressing the level and slopes changes as a single number, introducing Teladoc resulted in a statistically-significant reduction in […]

Case Study: LINECo

Overview Line Construction Benefit Fund, commonly known as LINECO is a multiemployer welfare fund that provides medical, dental, prescription drug, vision, disability, member assistance programs, and life insurance to 38,500 IBEW Lineman working for NECA construction employers in all 50 States. Including spouses and children, the quality benefits provide coverage to over 100,000 Americans. The […]

Webinar: Behavioral health is too important to ignore

Teladoc’s behavioral expert Dr. Monika Roots, M.D., discusses what’s new and what you can expect from Teladoc, the nation’s leading provider of telehealth services and a pioneering force in bringing the virtual care visit into the mainstream of today’s health care ecosystem. Topics include: The current state of behavioral health and why virtual care options […]

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