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Our doctors have helped over 20 million people around the world get the right care at the right time and place.

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Quick and Seamless

“My Teladoc experience was absolutely seamless, quick, and effortless.”

Joe C.

Really Easy

“It’s really easy, and you can call even while you’re on the golf course or on vacation.”

Pearce M.


“With five kids at home, you can imagine the amount of time spent at doctors’ offices as they spread the flu to each other. I can set up an appointment and never leave home. This service is a lifesaver.”

Misty N.


“I don’t like to take off from work to sit in a waiting room. With Teladoc, I went to work not feeling well and a doctor called, listened, and sent in my prescriptions.”

John C.


“So nice to stay home and receive care instead of going to a doctor's office with other sick people. Warm and comfortable care at home, on my time!”

Nikki N.

Teladoc Is a Game-Changer

“Having an option like Teladoc is a game-changer. I can talk to a doctor anytime, 24/7 from anywhere, whether I’m at home or in the office or in the car driving my kids around.”

Laura W.

Simple, Quick, and Efficient

“The first time I used Teladoc was terrific. It was simple, quick, and efficient.”

Eugene R.


“Within a few minutes, my son and I were video chatting with a doctor. His prescription had my son back to normal within hours. Will absolutely use this again.”

Dylan H.


“I was out of state and got the flu. I didn’t want to wait at an urgent care. [With Teladoc], I spoke to a doctor in 10 minutes! A prescription was sent in no time!”

Christina T.


“Teladoc is a godsend for anyone who has spent three hours in a waiting room for something that can be resolved with a simple phone call.”

Margaret P.