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By submitting your testimonial you grant Teladoc the unlimited right to use, copy, publish (and edit/correct for spelling and grammar) your response for any purpose including for advertising and promotional purposes, sharing your response with others, and creating derivative works. To the extent your Statement contain any information about your current or past health status, the provision of health care or any payment for health care and/or other personally identifiable information (collectively, your “PHI”), you authorize Teladoc to use and disclose any and all of your PHI as, and to the full extent you have described it in your Statement, for any purpose whatsoever. You understand and agree that there is potential for your PHI to be re-disclosed and that such PHI may no longer be protected by the Privacy Rule. The authorization and rights granted herein shall continue unless and until you revoke them anytime by notifying Teladoc in writing. Teladoc 1945 Lakepointe Dr., Lewisville, TX 75057, Attn: Security Officer. Your revocation will become effective upon receipt by Teladoc, except to the extent that Teladoc has already acted in reliance upon this authorization. You understand and agree that even after your revocation there is no way for Teladoc to un-disclose any previously disclosed information. Teladoc will not refuse or condition your treatment by, enrollment with, or eligibility for services provided by Teladoc upon your grant, or your subsequent revocation of, this authorization.You represent and warrant to Teladoc, Inc. that you have full right, power, and authority to grant the authorization and rights hereunder.