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Our leading medical experts can answer any medical questions, double-check a diagnosis, help you decide on a treatment plan or provide guidance about a surgery. Get started today by phone, web or app.

Use Expert Medical Opinion when you or your eligible dependents:

A team of experts on your side


leading medical experts


specialties and subspecialties

How it works

  • Start a case
    Submit your request , in the Teladoc or by calling .
  • Access expert guidance
    Connect with a physician who guides you through every step in the process and coordinates your review with a team of specialists and your existing physician.
  • Receive collaborative care
    Our team of doctors works with you to develop and deliver a clear diagnosis and treatment plan that’s right for you.
A difficult diagnosis

Hear Jay’s story

The peace of mind to proceed with confidence

Modified diagnosis
Modified treatment
Avoided unnecessary surgeries

Connect with us from anywhere

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Expert Medical Opinion is available to you and your eligible family members to help provide guidance, support and advice when faced with a complex medical condition, treatment plan or questions and need to understand your options for care.

You can submit a request by emailing memberservices@teladochealth.com. You can also call your country’s care team number .

Use the Expert Medical Opinion service when you want

  • Another opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan
  • Help deciding if a surgery is the right path
  • Advice and help with a chronic condition
  • Specific medical questions answered
  • A list of local, in-person specialists

If you need help finding a provider for an in-person visit, we will search our database of medical experts to see if any of our doctors meet your criteria and practice within a distance that works for you. You can request this service on the Teladoc Health mobile app** or website by clicking the “Find Local In-Person Care” button. The team can also provide you with questions to ask your treating physician so you feel confident and prepared for the visit.

**The mobile app is only available to U.S. residents.

Expert Medical Opinion is offered at no charge to all NVIDIA employees and their spouses, dependent children, domestic partners, parents, parents-in-law and adult children.

Expert Medical Opinion gives you access to leading medical experts who can provide advice on a wide range of conditions, from mental health concerns, sports injuries and pregnancy complications to rare conditions, chronic diseases and life-threatening illnesses.

Expert Medical Opinion offers additional medical insight into your condition. Your treating physician is still responsible for your care, and all treatment decisions will be made solely by you and your treating physician.

Most often, you’ll receive a report in a few short weeks. However, timing will vary based on the complexity of the situation and accessibility of medical records. You will receive a call from your physician case manager every week with progress updates.

A team of specialists and your existing physician will collect your medical records when you grant permission on the enrollment form.

All communication takes place online or via telephone, so there is no need to travel or make an appointment.

Medical experts are recognized within the medical community as thought leaders in specific diseases. They hold significant positions at academic institutions, major medical centers, societies and journals. However, they are chosen for their disease-specific knowledge and experience in providing pertinent advice.

Medical experts can work with you in your preferred language. Call or email Member Services to best address your linguistic needs.