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Why wait hours or days to see the doctor? With Teladoc, you can be connected with a board-certified doctor in minutes. Teladoc doctors are available 24/7/365 to diagnose many common non-emergency health problems and can provide a prescription, if medically necessary.


Give yourself a 24/7 healthcare option and save compared to the cost of an office visit.

$27 /year (save $9)
or $3 /month

$40 /consult


Add dependents to your Teladoc account without any additional cost.

$45/year (save $15)
or $5/month

$40 /consult

Keep your healthcare benefits

You previously had Teladoc through your benefit provider. Fortunately, you can keep your 24/7/365 access to board-certified doctors by phone or video consults. Simply log into your account to continue using Teladoc.

Healthcare at your fingertips

On average, Teladoc doctors call back in less than 10 minutes

Teladoc can treat:

• Cold and flu symptoms
• Respiratory infections
• Sinus problems
• And more!

Experienced doctors

All Teladoc doctors are practicing physicians like your primary care physician. They are U.S. board–certified, licensed in your state and average 20 years practice experience. You can rest assured that you will speak with a knowledgeable doctor you can trust.

Use your local pharmacy

If medically necessary, a prescription can be sent to your local pharmacy. Search for nearby pharmacies or use one of your favorites. It’s an easier way to get the care you need.

Teladoc lets you talk to a doctor now by:

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