When should I use the Medical Experts service?

When you have concerns or questions about a diagnosis, need help deciding on a treatment option, or question the need for surgery, Teladoc Medical Experts provides you with access to the world’s top medical minds. Our medical experts are peer-rated as the best in their fields of specialties and can provide advice on a wide range of conditions, from sports injuries and pregnancy complications to rare conditions, chronic diseases, and life-threatening illnesses.

Use Medical Experts to get an expert medical opinion when you want:

  • Confirmation of a recent diagnosis
  • A review of an upcoming surgery or treatment plan
  • Help with a chronic condition
  • A specific question about your health answered

If you need help finding a specialist for an in-person visit, we will search our database of medical experts to see if any of our doctors meet your criteria and practice within a distance that works for you. You can request this service on the Teladoc mobile app or Teladoc website by clicking the “Find a Doctor” button. The team can also offer you questions to ask your treating physician, so you feel confident and prepared for the visit.

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