Mental health awareness is bigger than just one day.

Which is why Teladoc offers confidential and effective behavioral healthcare services by phone or video to help people around the world get the support they deserve.



of those employed have taken time off work for depression¹



of people with depression go untreated¹

We created mental health solutions to provide people all around the globe care, without the stigma.

And the progress speaks for itself.

Meet Beatrice, an Australian native

She spent the past 20 years experiencing anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. It got so challenging that she wasn’t able to leave the house and struggled with suicidal thoughts—which seriously
affected her family.

“I just wanted to get my life back.”

With her husband’s encouragement, she reached out to Best Doctors Mental Health Navigator, a Teladoc Health service available to her through her company’s benefits. The experts confirmed her diagnosis, but recommended a treatment change.

"I wouldn't be here today without the help I received through Mental Health Navigator."

Mental health issues are rising around the globe.

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of Canadians do not seek mental health treatment, largely due to stigma²

1 in 5

Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness³


increase in the number of employees asking for mental health advice between Q2 2017 and Q2 2018⁴

But our solutions are bringing relief to people everywhere

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Meet Tina,
located in the United States

For years, she had tried a variety of therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, further complicated by being far away from any local mental healthcare. Committed togetting resolution, she found Teladoc online.

“My Teladoc therapist has saved my life and
helped me to rebuild my happiness.”

Our behavioral health solution allowed Tina to choose her ideal therapist based on profile details and made it easy for her to attend every session since they were by phone.

“I began to let go of the fear and
anxieties that held me back.”

With more than 33 million sessions completed,

by approximately 2,500 licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors,

people all over the world have received guidance, support, and relief. The results are substantial:

  • of patients with anxiety have improved after more than two visits*

  • of patients with depression have improved after more than two visits*

of patients with anxiety have improved after more than two visits*

of patients with depression have improved after more than two visits*

*Study using Teladoc Health data.

Get the support you need to make the progress you want, and feel the relief you deserve

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3Australian Bureau of Statistics (2009). National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results, 4326.0, 2007. ABS: Canberra.

Actual members chose not to be photographed. We have used a stock photograph to help tell their story.