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What can I use it for?

You can use telehealth or telemedicine for many of your medical issues instead of expensive and timely ER and urgent care visits.

So many reasons to Teladoc.

With telehealth, get the care you need, when and where you need it.

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Telehealth services for when you…

  • have a non-emergency medical issue

    If you’re having trouble getting in to see your existing doctor, our U.S. board-certified, state-licensed doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication for many of your medical issues, including:

    • Cold and flu symptoms
    • Bronchitis
    • Allergies
    • Poison ivy
    • Pink eye
    • Urinary tract infection
    • Respiratory infection
    • Sinus problems
    • Ear infection
    • and more!
  • need a short-term prescription

    If appropriate, the Teladoc doctor can write a short-term prescription and have it sent to the pharmacy of your choice. Some common prescriptions include:

    • Amoxicillin™
    • Azithromycin™
    • Bactrim DS™
    • Augmentin™
    • Cipro™
    • Tessalon Perles™
    • Flonase Nasal Spray™
    • Pyridium™
    • Prednisone™
    • Diflucan™
  • need a specialist

    Teladoc doctors can advise you on whether you need a specialist and the type of specialist you should see – saving you guesswork, time and money.

  • have kids

    Teladoc is the only telehealth provider with a national network of U.S. board-certified pediatricians, able to treat children from 0-17.

  • travel a lot

    Whether on vacation or traveling for work, Teladoc is there for you 24/7 wherever you may be.

  • like to share

    Teladoc offers you a free EHR that stores all of your personal health information in one secure place online. You can use this to keep your medical history up-to-date and share with your other health care providers.

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