When we say, “24/7,” we literally mean anytime, anywhere.

Provide affordable healthcare, day and night. People don’t get sick on a schedule and it’s not always convenient to leave home or work to visit a doctor. Technology-enabled healthcare gives your members access to affordable, convenient, quality healthcare, anytime, from anywhere. That means a physician is always just a call, click or swipe away when they:

  • Wake up at 2 a.m. with flu-like symptoms.
  • Get a scratchy throat at work but can’t afford to leave.
  • Feel under the weather during a vacation, on a business trip or away from home.
  • Live in a rural area where access to healthcare is limited.

How Teladoc works:

Members can get the care they need within minutes in just a few steps:

1. Provide medical history
Health information is provided during account setup, which is reviewed by the physician prior to a consult.

2. Request a consult
The member can connect with the first available physician or schedule an appointment for a convenient time.

3. Talk with the physician
Within minutes, a physician will call back, listen, diagnose the issue and prescribe medication, if medically necessary.

4. Pick up the prescription
The prescription is sent electronically to a local pharmacy selected by the member.

5. Reconcile the account
Health records are updated, payments are processed, if required, and the member can send consult results to his/her primary care physician.

Video: Teladoc Overview

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Video: See how Teladoc works

Maintaining continuity of care.

Teladoc has seamless integration capabilities that make the experience easy for members, providers and clients. This connectivity ensures that the care provided by the physician is appropriate and coordinated.

The Teladoc ecosystem enhances the member experience—because we are integrated with health plans, we can deliver real-time eligibility, process payments and submit automated claims for processing. As a result, members get the care they need faster.