Hear how a person with diabetes could enjoy foods she grew up eating again.

For Irene, culture and the food she cooks with her family and community are a big part of her identity. But to some dietitians, Irene’s type 2 diabetes diagnosis meant giving up food she grew up eating. To Irene, that was like asking her to give up a piece of herself. Then Irene connected with Nicolette.

Irene’s Teladoc Health Registered Dietitian Nicolette is more than a diabetes educator, she’s a game-changer. She understands the importance of eating foods that connect Irene with her culture. She has helped Irene understand portion control, which allows her to eat the foods she loves in moderation while reaching her health goals.

“I was having anxiety and stress and hadn’t clicked with other dietitians,” explained Irene. Then Irene found Nicolette. “I’ve been staying away from carbs, and with my culture, rice and beans and tortillas are staples,” said Irene. “After speaking to her, I didn’t have to stay away from it. So now I’ve been enjoying that, and in combination with my doctor and with her, my sugars are perfect.” Irene continued, “Nicolette helped me get my blood sugar under control. Now I feel really great!”

Nicolette took the time to learn about Irene’s lifestyle and culture. She was able to introduce the foods of her heritage back into Irene’s diet. Nicolette’s relationship-building nutrition counseling resulted in a personalized nutrition plan and lifestyle tools. They helped Irene manage her weight and a lot of the stress weighing her down.

“I still have stress, but I’m more focused on me now,” said Irene. Thanks to Nicolette, Irene knows Teladoc Health cares for all of her—both mind and body. “I’m so happy now. I don’t have to be afraid of eating things,” she said.

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Published April 10 2023

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