Different day, different doctor? At Teladoc Health, it’s a whole different story.

Without a primary care provider (PCP), you may end up seeing a different doctor every time you need healthcare. By having a PCP you connect with, you can avoid having to repeat your medical history to a new doctor again and again so you can focus on getting well and living well. 

Do you see the person who prepares your yearly taxes more often than your doctor? Add regular visits with your primary care doctor and help yourself stay healthy all year long.

At Teladoc Health, we know that in order to feel your best, you need care for the whole you. With Primary360, our primary care service, your PCP is your go-to doctor. The one who sees you, remembers you, treats you and, if necessary, refers you to a specialist—which your Care Team can help facilitate. Here are four reasons why primary care is better care.

Greater focus on prevention

The best way to avoid an illness is to get ahead of it. Regular checkups can point to potential health conditions you still have time to reverse with exercise, healthy eating and medication. Your PCP is there to dive into your medical history and provide continuous care as needed, so be sure to reach out to them to keep your health in check. 

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Better quality of care

Episodic care focusing on a specific area or condition doesn’t provide the “big picture” of your health. PCPs are there to care for the whole you. With regular visits, your PCP knows to look for changes in your mood, lifestyle and physical health. Did you stop smoking? Lose weight? Or are you suddenly having trouble sleeping? Your PCP is a great person to help you through any health changes that you may experience.

Earlier detection of health problems

When it comes to detecting a condition, sooner is always better than later. By maintaining a relationship with a PCP, they can often be the first to tell you if you need further tests, screenings or if they recommend you see a specialist. While early signs of an illness may not be apparent to you, your PCP is trained to detect and treat them. For example, when doctors detect prediabetes, they use that as a warning to help you take measures to prevent actual diabetes.

Better healthcare over time

It all adds up. Having a long-term relationship with your doctor can help you attain better health, now and in the future. Whether it’s managing chronic conditions or preventive care, your PCP can help you keep an eye on your overall health—body and mind. 

How Teladoc Health can help

Our team of PCPs consists of U.S. board-certified doctors that come from a wide range of healthcare fields. If necessary, your PCP can refer you for diagnostic tests, in-person care, mental health services and more. With your PCP as the center of your extended care, you can focus on getting well and living well. To find out if you’re eligible for Primary360 or other Teladoc Health services, head over to our sign-up page.

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Published on February 14, 2023

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