As a Teladoc member, you might have some questions about what Teladoc is, and how it fits into your overall healthcare.

So we’ve assembled 10 common questions members ask us, along with helpful answers.

1. How did I get a Teladoc membership?
You either have Teladoc through your employer, or because you’re an eligible dependent that has been added to a family member’s account.

2. What can I use Teladoc for?
We’re a convenient and affordable way to speak with a licensed doctor 24/7 by phone or video for many common health issues. Our doctors can diagnose and treat cold and flu symptoms, upper respiratory infections, skin rashes, allergies and more. For a full list of what we’ve treated, click here.

3. Are these “real” doctors?
Absolutely. Every Teladoc doctor is based in the U.S. and licensed to practice medicine in their respective state. Our doctors average 20 years of experience, go through stringent vetting, and adhere to all HIPAA laws and regulations.

In addition, our certification process has received a score of “A+” from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a national healthcare accreditation organization.

4. Where can I use Teladoc?
Every state in the U.S. allows Teladoc. When you contact Teladoc, you’ll be connected with a doctor licensed to practice in the state you’re calling from. Teladoc doesn’t operate outside of the United States.

For information about any specific restrictions or usage requirements placed on your Teladoc account by your employer, please contact your Human Resources department.

5. What are your hours of operation?
We never close! You can speak with a doctor 24/7/365 whether you’re at home, work or on the road.

6. Which ages do you treat?
We treat people of all ages, from newborns to elderly members.

7. How much are doctor visits?
Depending on your plan, you may have a nominal co-pay. Your cost always takes your medical plan’s details (such as deductibles and copays) into consideration. The fee for your visit can be paid using an HSA account, credit card, and even PayPal.

8. Is there a time limit on doctor visits?
Not at all. Our doctors will spend as much time as it takes to ensure you’re receiving the care you need.

9. Is Teladoc meant to replace my primary care doctor?
Not necessarily, but you may have access to Primary360, our primary care offering, through your employer or health plan benefits. If not, our General Medical (24/7 care) service is a great option when you can’t get an appointment with your doctor, whether it’s the middle of the night, you’re traveling, etc. We can share information about your Teladoc visit with your doctor at your request.

10. Is there a Teladoc app I can download?
Absolutely! Our Teladoc app does so much to help you have a great healthcare experience.

We’re so happy you’re a Teladoc member and we look forward to being a part of your healthcare!

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