Teladoc, the most trusted telehealth provider in the United States, continues to get better and more convenient. Since fever is critical for assessing illnesses such as infections, Teladoc’s innovative mobile app now syncs with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer to help our doctors make diagnoses faster and more accurately than ever. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer tracks:

  • temperature
  • symptoms
  • medications
  • diagnoses

The thermometer can record and store data for every member of your family too. Temperature readings are time-stamped so that you can monitor how your or your child’s temperature changes over time. When a fever reaches the point where it should be checked out, the Kinsa Smart Thermometer lets you know. That’s when you can contact a Teladoc board-certified doctor any hour, any day, over the phone, on the web, or with Teladoc’s mobile app.

Doctors at Teladoc can diagnose ailments, recommend treatments, and prescribe medications as needed. Visit and pick the device that works best for your household. Then download Teladoc’s mobile app and use it to sync the temperature statistics from the Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

And remember: Even when you and your family are feeling fine, log in to Teladoc online periodically to get wellness tips and check out technological advances that work with Teladoc to help keep you and your family healthy.



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