Water is essential for surviving. And no, that’s not being dramatic – it’s fact! Did you know that you might survive a month without food, but no more than a week without water?1

We are here to tell you about the seven wonders of water and how it keeps your body going:

  1. Drinking water keeps you balanced. Since our body is composed of 60 percent water, we need it to help us stay regular with circulation, saliva and digestion.2
  2. You can slim down thanks to water. Drinking plenty of water can boost your metabolism.3
  3. Water helps our bodies remove toxins by flushing waste, which helps us stay regular.4
  4. It keeps your body temperature in check. Believe it or not, water keeps you cool after exercise sessions and is ideal for getting the most out of your workout.5
  5. Helps you achieve a natural glow. Water moisturizes the skin and gives you a healthy, radiant appearance.6
  6. It might help reduce certain types of cancer. Research suggests that the more water you consume, the lower your risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.7
  7. Water is a mood stabilizer. Research says that when your body is thirsty it can make you grumpy and upset. But staying hydrated leads to a clearer and happier you.8

So next time you fill up a glass or open a bottle of water, remember that we are impacting our body in some really awesome ways!


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