There are enormous benefits to staying physically active. It helps improve your brain health, manage weight and makes your body stronger. There are few lifestyle choices that can affect you more positively than moderate physical activity.1

Warmer weather means it’s enjoyable to spend time outside. For some, that means going for a hike, a run or a long bicycle ride. Enjoy the fresh air and sunny days. For others, the following are great opportunities for physical activity that are less strenuous but will still keep you active.

Remember to hydrate. When exercising, drink water before, during and after your activity.

Please note: Before you start any new exercise routine, talk to your doctor to make sure it’s safe.

Here are 7 “found workouts” in everyday activities

Water Walks If swimming laps in a pool is not your thing, try walking laps or circles in the shallow end. Grab a friend, and rather than sitting on the side of the pool, add some movement for a resistance workout. If you’re at the beach, walk on the sand. The workout is harder than walking on the sidewalk.2

Gardening Pushing the lawn mower gets you moving. Moving plants, mulch and topsoil around will strengthen your muscles. Seeing the fruits of your labor blooming is good for your mind.

Seasonal Decluttering Deep cleaning your home or garage each season is a perfect way to get moving and get your muscles firing.  Who knows, maybe you’ll make some room for a new bicycle?

A new commute Because the weather is warmer and the daylight is longer, add a walk to your commute. Park your car in the far parking lot. Just a 10-minutewalk improves your fitness. The walk can also reset your attitude at the end of the day. If you’re ambitious, leave the car at home and commute on your bike if there is a safe route.

Puppy playtime Your pets enjoy nice weather as much as you do. Explore local dog parks and lead your furry friends on off-leash chases.

Picking produce Visit your local farmer’s market for what’s fresh or in season. Even better, if you live in an area where they’re available, visit berry patches and orchards to pick your own produce.

Plogging Plogging3 is considered Sweden’s “green sport.” It’s a mashup of jogging and picking up litter. Pack a trash bag and gloves and delitter as you walk at the beach, in a forest or your local park. It’s good for your heart, soul and the environment.

Working out doesn’t seem so daunting when you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Try these or many more activities. Hopscotch? Jumping rope? Running through sprinklers? Washing the car? The list goes on. What are you waiting for? Get moving.

Talk to a doctor

Love these “exercises?” Take it up a notch with these heart-healthy workouts.

Published July 12, 2023


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