With the Olympics taking front and center this summer, have you ever wondered what it takes to be an Olympic athlete?

Whether you want to tone up, slim down or add variety to your workouts, we’re bringing you tips from several Olympians to help you “bring home the gold” in your own life!

  • Add free weights and water workouts to your routine to build up arm strength and speed.1
  • Eat like a pro by cutting out junk food, including sodas and other caffeinated drinks. Focus on incorporating fruits, lean protein and greens into every meal.2
  • It’s important to catch up on your Zzzz’s. Sleeping a full eight to 10 hours gives you energy and keeps your mind sharp.3
  • The body is as strong as the mind. Focus on your psyche by reading inspirational books, meditating or setting up a list of goals.4
  • Work out with friends and family. Olympic athletes have a coach and teammates to build up healthy competition and encourage each other.5

Olympians inspire us with their stories of success, natural talent and sportsmanship. These lessons from the best of the best will help you be your own success story!


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