With Teladoc, you can see a doctor, mental health professional, dietitian or dermatologist on our telehealth platform with or without insurance. Read more to learn about how Teladoc works based on your coverage.

Can I use Teladoc if I have insurance?

Yes! Many health plans and employers provide Teladoc as part of their benefits. To check whether you are covered, set up your account on Teladoc.com or reach out to your benefits manager.

Pricing for each visit varies based on your coverage. General Medical visits—for things like prescription refills, sinus infections, allergies, stomach bugs and more—can be as low as $0 per visit (based on your benefits). To see the cost of an online Dermatology review, Mental Health visit, Nutrition visit or Back and Joint Care, set up your account now. You can also learn more about what we treat here.

Can I use Teladoc if I don’t have insurance, or if Teladoc isn’t covered?

Yes! If you do not have access to Teladoc through your benefits or do not have health insurance, you can still use Teladoc for General Medical, Dermatology, Mental Health, Nutrition and Back and Joint Care.

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Is there a fee or copay to use Teladoc?

Pricing for each visit varies based on your coverage. You can create an account to confirm your coverage or see the pricing ranges below:

  • With insurance, General Medical visits can be as low as $0 (based on your benefits) per visit.
  • Without insurance, General Medical is $89 per visit.*
  • Therapy visits are $0-$119.
  • First-time psychiatry visits are $0-$299, and after the first visit, psychiatry visits are only $0-$129.
  • To see the cost of an online Dermatology review, Nutrition visit or Back and Joint Care treatment, set up your account now.

If prescriptions are medically necessary, you can have them filled at the pharmacy of your choice. The costs for these will be based on your insurance plan. You can read more about the Teladoc prescription policy here.

How do I pay for a visit?

If you are required to pay a visit fee, you will be shown the amount prior to confirming your visit request. For eligible plans, payments can be made with your health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA) or health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) card. Teladoc accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

With Teladoc, you can get trusted care that is affordable, convenient and reliable. We’re available by app, web or phone. And remember, your spouse or partner and other dependents may also be eligible to use Teladoc.

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*Teladoc has the ability to change pricing at any time for any reason.