Chances are, you’ve heard of postpartum depression and the “baby blues.” But pregnancy itself can bring on all sorts of emotions, including anxiety and depression.

Feeling sad, anxious or overwhelmed at times during pregnancy can be normal, says psychiatrist Dr. Aron S. Wolf, Senior Mental Health Consultant at Teladoc Health. If these feelings don’t go away on their own, however, it’s important to seek help.

“If a person becomes depressed or anxious during pregnancy, they should not assume that it will go away when they have the baby,” says Wolf. In fact, hormonal changes combined with sleep deprivation can make it even harder to get a handle on these issues later.

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Signs of depression and anxiety to look out for include:1

  • Becoming extremely sad, worried, nervous or angry without warning
  • Having trouble completing tasks
  • Feeling empty, inadequate, guilty or fearful of failing at parenthood
  • Having little interest in things you used to enjoy
  • Experiencing scary or upsetting thoughts that don’t go away

If you are experiencing these or other symptoms, treatment is important—not just for you but for your baby and the others in your family. The earlier you address your symptoms, the sooner you can help reduce or even get rid of them. “Treatment for anxiety and depression is important at any stage of life. At the end of pregnancy, it will allow the new parent to feel positive in their new role,” says Wolf.

There’s no doubt that pregnancy can be an overwhelming time. If it’s all getting to you, you are not alone. Working with a therapist through Teladoc is a great place to start to get you on the road to improved mental health. Your therapist can lend a caring, supportive ear and help you figure out what strategies will help most.

Interested in one-on-one emotional support to help you get through the challenges of pregnancy? Teladoc offers online therapy services on your schedule. Talk with experts by phone or video at a time that works best for you. Get support for a wide range of mental health needs like anxiety, stress, depression or just not feeling like yourself.

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Published May 26, 2022


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