If “March Madness” describes your skin this spring instead of a college basketball tournament, perhaps you should take a time-out and consult Teladoc on the best ways to handle all your skin care needs.

If you’ve never had a fungal infection, you might want to know the telltale signs if you or someone you know gets one. A fungal infection is most often found in moist areas of the body where skin surfaces meet. This includes between the toes and in the genital area. Ringworm, athlete’s foot, yeast infections, and even diaper rash are commonly-known fungal infections.

Different types of fungal infections are caused by a variety of fungi:

  • Athlete’s foot is caused by at least four types of fungi, which can live and be shared by wearing someone else’s shoes, walking barefoot in a locker room or public shower, or swimming in a pool.
  • Yeast infections and diaper rash are caused by the candida fungus and are not typically contagious.

If you get sidelined with a fungal infection, team up with Teladoc to diagnose your condition and develop a winning plan to treat the symptoms and heal the infection. While the solution can be as simple as keeping the affected area dry and applying baby powder or antifungal ointment, Teladoc’s licensed doctors can also prescribe oral, topical, or internal pills, creams, or suppositories if necessary.

Teladoc can help you get back in the game of living an active — and comfortable — life. Relief through Teladoc is a slam dunk!

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