From the weekend triathlete, to the health-conscious label reader, to the KonMari Method™ pro, moms are the glue that keeps most families connected. Here are a few ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that are sure to express admiration, love, and respect for the #1 woman at your house.

  1. Go dark for the day. The easiest way to show Mom that you cherish her is to give her your undivided attention. Give social media and games a break so that you can spend truly quality time together. You might even consider turning off Wi-Fi at your house that day.
  2. Be mindful together. Speaking of undivided attention and quality time, sign up the whole family for a yoga class so that you can practice mindfulness together. Many fitness club chains offer group classes as well as day care for little ones who aren’t quite ready for lotus pose.
  3. Gift a gadget. If mom likes to jog, walk, ride a bike, or work out at the gym, give her a wearable activity monitor that tracks heart rate, steps taken, activity time and pace, and other stats. Bonus: some data from these monitors can be synced to the Teladoc Health app (through Apple Health and Google Fit).
  4. Detail Mom’s car. Don’t cheat and take it to the detailer down the street; gather the kids and do it yourselves. Cleaning out, vacuuming, and washing the car has three critical components: water, which kids love to play in; time in the sun, the world’s best natural mood-booster; and good-ol’ elbow grease, which exercises muscles, including the heart. You might want to give each kid a Super Soaker to help rinse off the car. And a pair of swim goggles. And a change of clothes—you see where this is going, right?
  5. Go out and play—the low-tech way. If you’re feeling ambitious, get together with a few friends or other families in the neighborhood and host a field day with a twist: Instead of traditional events, channel your inner child and play dodgeball; four square; hide-and-go-seek; hopscotch; red light, green light; Simon says; and tag. Make it super-easy on yourselves and serve cold foods such as sandwiches, salads, and whole fruit!
  6. Send Mom away. The night before Mother’s Day, set up a night out for Mom and her BFFs, complete with dinner reservations and a car service. While she’s gone, go grocery shopping for the next day’s surprise (pack any “dead-giveaway” ingredients with ice and store it overnight in a cooler in the garage or trunk of your car).
  7. Serve her breakfast in bed. Spoil Mom with this easy, keto-friendly, one-pan low-carb frittata, a bowl of fresh berries topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt, fresh coffee or tea, and a mimosa or her favorite “Mom beverage.”

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Have a safe and fun Mother’s Day!

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