Here’s a micro-quiz: What do strep throat, impetigo, and pneumonia have in common?

  1. They’re upper respiratory infections
  2. They’re viruses
  3. They may be treatable with prescription medications

If you guessed “C,” you’re absolutely right! These conditions and many other illnesses can be treated with prescription medications, depending on a doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations. If you have a non-emergency condition such as a bacterial infection, acne flare-up, or seasonal allergies, Teladoc may be able to provide medically necessary prescriptions for antibiotics, antihistamines, and other medications. Teladoc’s prescription policy provides complete details about this invaluable part of your Teladoc benefits.

Selecting a pharmacy

In the case of a medical necessity, your Teladoc physician can send a prescription to a pharmacy that you select. If you have a favorite pharmacy, go ahead and add it to your Teladoc profile. Sign in with the app and then:

  1. Select MEDICAL INFO on the home screen
  2. Select your member profile
  3. Select PHARMACIES
  4. Select Add a Pharmacy—If you don’t have a preferred pharmacy, our search feature can help you choose one quickly and easily

Quick tip: If you haven’t set up your profile, you can do it on the Medical Info screen; just select Add new. You can add eligible dependents on this page too!

When to reach for Teladoc

With spring in full swing and most of us spending more time outside, remember that having the Teladoc app gives you 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified physicians anywhere you are. Whether you or a family member has a bug bite, allergies, sprain, or even a sunburn, we’re always here, ready to help diagnose and treat these and a wide variety of other non-emergency conditions. As soon as you think you may need us, grab your smart device, open the app, and tap Request a Visit.

By the way, if you guessed “A,” impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection, not upper respiratory. As for answer “B,” none of those conditions is a virus. Illnesses such as the flu, a cold, and bronchitis are caused by viruses and can’t be treated with antibiotics.

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